Call for Live Demonstrations

The technical program committee of ICECS 2023 invites the submissions of Live Demonstrations.

The primary goal of the Live Demonstrations Session (LDS) is to provide a platform for exchanging inspiring ideas between theory and practice. The live demonstrations will be carried out in separate booths with enough space for the hardware or software of the demo. Conference attendees are invited to experience the demonstrations directly, to interact with, play with, and challenge them. Presenters will have the opportunity to show direct proof of their working systems, acquire new ideas and to create a lasting impression in a session that is very well attended.

A Best Demo Award will be presented during the Conference based on creativity, innovation, and visitor experience.

Topics of interest should be as defined by and/or related to the tracks of ICECS 2023.

The Live Demonstration proposals may be submitted in two categories but, in either case prospective presenters should submit a two-page paper, where the first page includes the summary of the proposed work and the second page includes the description of the demonstration using the same page formatting as for regular ICECS papers.

1. Proposals for live demonstrations based on already published work should be presented as demo for the first time. It is mandatory to include a reference to at least one earlier publicly accessible publication of this work. During submission presenters should select “Live Demonstrations (Demo Description).” Submission to this category is considered as author’s first paper and the paper must be registered accordingly.

2. Proposals based on new work intended for publication in ICECS 2023 should be submitted, prepared and formatted according to the instructions for regular ICECS papers (as a technical paper and not as a demonstration description), which will undergo the same review process as a regular paper submission. Note that the submission deadlines for the demo paper and the accompanying regular paper are different and should be completed separately. Submissions to this category is considered as authors’ second paper and the paper must be registered accordingly.

Two-page demonstration description in both categories must contain the following information:

The first page:

1. Demonstration Title and Contributors Information: The title must begin with “Live Demonstration:…”. Please indicate all contributors to the demo and their affiliations. In the case of submission of an accompanying full paper, the contributors may not be the same.

2. Summary of the Scientific Work: One page summary is required for proposed or previously published work. The summary page must include an abstract, introduction, methodology, results/conclusions and references.

3. For Demonstrations Related to Previous Published Work: Include if available, one or more citations referring to the scientific background of your live demonstration. This reference must be easily accessible for the reviewers (a URL is highly recommended.).

4. For Demonstrations with a Concurrent Full Paper: Include a reference to your full paper including the submission ID number in your demonstration description. For the final submission, you may want to update this reference, removing the ID number.

The second page:

5. Demonstration Setup: Describe the equipment that you will bring to ICECS. Explain your measurement setup and obtained results using block diagrams and/or figures. Include a picture and/or screenshot of your setup. Only a power plug, a table and display stand will be provided. Demonstrators are responsible for the transportation of their own equipment to the meeting site.

6. Visitor Experience: Explain the experiences and interactions which a visitor might have with your demo, how it reveals the essence of your work, furthers understanding, and what the visitor is expected to learn.

7. Optional Video: For the initial submission only, proposers can also include an optional link to a video (max 5min) about their demo. This video is only meant to facilitate the review process and does not substitute for the live demo.

Important Dates

June 23, 2023
Special Session Proposals

June 26, 2023
Notification of Special Session Acceptance

June 9, 2023
Tutorials Proposals

June 16, 2023
Notification of Tutorials Acceptance

July 15, 2023
Paper Submissions - Extended Deadline

September 15, 2023
Notification of Paper Acceptance

October 13, 2023
Camera-Ready Paper Submission


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