An IEEE Satellite Workshop on

“Future Trends in Wireless Communications: 5G and Beyond”

Under the IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems 2023

Chairmen Cem Göknar & B.S. Yarman

Workshop Moderator: B.S. Yarman

The workshop aims to discuss recent state of the art research work in wireless communication. The business purpose of the workshop is to introduce the key research activities in the world as well as in Turkey. One of the key speakers, will be Prof. Dr. Yalçın Tanik of Middle East Technical University and Military Industries of Turkey. He will cover the software infrastructure of future wireless communication systems. The second speaker is Prof. Dr. Erdal Arıkan of Bilkent University, who introduced the polar coding method to be utilized for 5G and beyond. In his presentation, he will talk about his new VLSI chip, which implements the polar coding for terahertz operations. The third speaker is Prof. Dr. Altunkan Hizal of Military Industries of Turkey. He will talk about the new Vertex Electromagnetic waves utilized in phase array antenna systems. The fourth Speaker is Prof. Dr. Binboga Siddik Yarman of Savronik Group of Companies, Lincoln University as well as Technical University of Istanbul. He will cover his new hardware synthesis methods to design broadband matching networks and linear microwave power amplifiers employing the Real Frequency Techniques for 5G and beyond. The fifth speaker is Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yildirim of Filpro. Filpro is the most versatile microwave filter design program for various microwave communication systems. Nowadays, Filpro is utilized to construct microwave filters for 5G and beyond. The social aspects of the topic will be covered by Prof. Dr. Orhan Guvenen of Bilkent University. Prof. Guvenen is the leading name in Turkey as well as in EU regarding the social aspects of high-tech business as well as communications.

Most of the technical local work for 5G and beyond in Turkey is led by Prof. Dr. Huseyin Aslan of Medipol University of Istanbul, who is another speaker of the workshop. Prof. Huseyin Aslan is also the member of the board of directors of the major GSM service provider of Turkey, namely Turkcell Corporation. Turkcell is also active in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Albania etc. The Turkcell CEO Mr. Murat Erkan (or its CTO Gediz Sezgin) will also be invited to join the workshop. The CEO of Vodafone Mr. Engin Aksay and/or its Chief Technology Officer Mr. Hasan Suel will be invited to join the workshop. Furthermore, we hope that CEO Mr. Rober Kuzmic or CTO of Iskra-Tel of Kontron will join us to cover the details of 5G and 6G in European Union as well as in the world.

Hence, in the workshop, theoretical, technical, social, and business aspects of the future trends in wireless communication will be covered. As far as the audience of the workshop is concerned, Members of the Turkish Electronic Industry Association, local and international communication companies and service providers will be invited to cultivate the networking between the major players in the communication business and open new research horizons in the field. Certainly, we will also invite the EE Communication Engineering students (Undergrad, Grad and Ph.D. students) to motivate them to study in the field of wireless communications.

The opening address of the workshop will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Cem Goknar (Conference Co-Chair of IEEE ICECS-2023) and the workshop will consist of two parts.

In the first part of the workshop (2.00-3.30 PM), the speakers will introduce technical aspects of the future trends in the field of wireless communications. In this part, the panel speakers will be Professors.Yalcin Tanik, Altunkan Hizal, Nevzat Yildirim, Erdal Arikan and Siddik Yarman.

In the second part (3.45-5.15 PM) technical and social impacts of the topic will be covered. In the part the speakers will be Prof. Dr. Huseyin Aslan, Murat Erkan/Gediz Sezgin of Turkcell, Engin Aksay/Hasan Suel of Vodaphone, Prof. Dr. Orhan Guvenen and CEO/CTO of Kontron; discussions will follow the talks.

NOTE: In order to attend the Workshop, workshop registration is mandatory.

The Workshop Language is English.

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